A&H Legacy Accelerators

Billionaires & Celebrities

We solve even in situations where there has been no precedence of  the nature of your challenge in the world before.

Antano & Harini love to do the impossible or the possible in impossible timeframes. 

Maybe it has to do with your emotional and physical wellness or overcoming a plateau after years of continuous success or maybe you feel you are just ready to get to the next league. We bring in turnarounds in Compressed Time by helping you Transform and Evolve at a rate and speed you may find surprising. 

If it has to do with trauma, phobia or separation, our experts can solve that for you almost immediately but Antano & Harini will not be personally involved in those sessions unless it is an extreme and urgent situation. And in these situations, Antano & Harini will only be involved for the initial pattern interrupt and further support will be provided by the specialists.  . 

If you are approaching us to solve an impossible health condition, you must know we are not medical doctors, yet our work has produced results that have been considered medically impossible. And a lot of doctors refer their cases to us, however, our work in health related areas may or may not produce results, and has to be done alongside consultation with a qualified medical doctor. 

If you are a representative for popular figure or a billionaire, get in touch with Mr. Puru Varma who can schedule a private conversation meet with Antano & Harini. 

We maintain privacy and respect the confidentiality of all our clients. Your data specifically, will never be entered in any system and if we choose to work together, it will only be known to Puru, Antano & Harini unless you choose otherwise. 

You can contact Puru on: +91 8802583894