Do you know that about 80% of the coaches never get a second coaching session with a client?... And that is when they give the first coaching session for free. How do you differentiate yourself from the majority of struggling coaches? The truth is that coaching is a complex skill and the best coaches are not made overnight. It is a skill that takes time to master! You need to be hand-held with the right mentors and be compulsive-obsessive about practicing until the skill becomes intuitive, over time! A&H Membership is where Antano & Harini mentor you to evolve outstanding coaching skills as well as build a world-class business around it!

A&H Membership will help you build a world-class coaching business because it will help you do the following:

  • Learn to identify the smallest shift in the client that will change the future of the client's life, business or relationships.
  • Master the skill in REAL change work by breaking decade-old limiting emotions, habits & behaviours in minutes, permanently!
  • Learn how the best coaches in the world market their talent and get high-paying clients.
  • Develop amazing influence skills that will help you lead teams, close deals, nurturing talent of people, chiseling character of children and so much more.
  • Get one-on-one access to Antano & Harini and experience holistic transformation of beliefs, behaviours and habits in your own life, first... In a nutshell, truly evolve from within!

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Here is what coaches, consultants and trainers say about Antano & Harini...

In the last 18 months, ever since my A&H journey has started, my work has started getting recognition. Today, I am constantly receiving offers from topmost of companies like Reliance, Adlabs and Datamatics. I even shared the cover page with Chief Minister of Gujarat. Needless to say, what I used to earn for an entire month earlier is what I earn for a day's training today. 

Siddhi Masalia,  Consultant & Coach 

After my A&H experience, I went from doing a business of 30 Lakhs per annum to 80 Lakhs per annum and I do the same number of training workshops a month. 

Vikas Agarwal, Consultant 

Since my journey with Antano & Harini started, I quit my job in pursuit of my dream. I have written a book. I took to learning Kathak. I am a speaker, blogger, I have my own business, I am a storyteller for children and everything else I dreamed I would be. I now do things with more focus and have the courage to do the things that I love. Thanks, Antano & harini for this new life. 

Gayatri Aptekar 
Author, Coach & Storyteller

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