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It is not about your relationships. Its is about you!
The truth is it is not even your fault.

Are you serious about evolving your relationships?

One of the most important things that fulfils a human being is happy-healthy-growing ecosystem of family, friends and acquaintances. Therefore the skill in connecting with people is probably the most important skill that you can ever master. And lack of this skill can lead to relationship problems that can in turn cause destructive feelings of isolation, loneliness and frustration.

The truth is that most times, relationship problems are a direct outcome of certain personal limitations of one or more individuals in a relationship. These limitations are mostly certain destructive patterns of emotions, habits and behaviours. These patterns that people run in their brain are running the quality of not just their relationships but their entire life.

The challenge is that most times, people have no clue what these limiting patterns are. ​People with great relationships are able to identify these limitations with precision and change them, fast.

People who are brilliant at developing amazing relationships also have refined unconscious capabilities to connect deeply, to build unconscious trust, to learn fast, to forget about unuseful things from the past, to get into high-performance states on-demand, to calibrate incongruence in other people and so much more. For these people, these capabilities are an unconscious competence, i.e., these are as much a part of them as walking or breathing.

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