frequently asked questions!! 

Q1. What do you exactly do? 

​Excellence Installations.

Excellence Installations Technology is the science of "How to change the trajectory of your life". 

When people tell Antano & Harini what they want, they listen carefully to what is missing in their internal process. They find out: ‘What is missing that will help them get these results, naturally?’ And then they make installations of this required patterning on them. 

"Installations" is the phenomenon where people can learn new habits, behaviours, thought patterns in minutes as if they have been doing it all their life, in which the transition is so natural that it feels like they have always been doing it.

The most Important aspect of what Antano and Harini do for you is, their expertise in identifying what exact changes in you will allow you to accomplish your aspirations and dreams! It's not about trying hundred different things and waiting for something to work by chance.

Q2. How is this different? 

Accurate Accelerated Results! 

It is not about Visualization,motivation talks. This is not a temporary feel good factor or an NLP seminar where you watch powerpoint presentations,listen to lectures, receive theory downloads & forget about it later. 

Antano & Harini specialize in nailing what precisely needs to shift in a person, and they work towards targeted results. 

No shooting in the dark! No stereotypical format! No fancy techniques!

Real changes in your life begins with "Real changes in YOU". 

Listen to Antano talk about the uP! Difference

Q3. Can you please tell me more about what Antano & Harini do? 

​They help your "Create an Identity for yourself" by getting you to Launch your own legacy! 

The "A&H Membership" is a 3 year commitment where you will be Investing a couple of days(6-12 days) every 4-6 months once with Antano & Harini, evolving at a very different level every time you meet them.

Antano & Harini deal with your life holistically. It is not just about your career and finances. They work with every aspect of your life, your personal life, professional life, your habits, beliefs, behaviours, thoughts, memories and integrate them in a way that they support and compliment each other. Because what is life when there is Professional Success but no Happiness and satisfying Relationships or Vice-Versa?   

In your first meeting with Antano & Harini, they Identify precisely what changes need to be made that will allow you to Succeed on AutoPilot and Experience holistic Abundance. As a first step you begin to overcome the limitations that have held you back. You master your emotions, strengthen your intuition system, crumple the limiting believes and heighten sensory acuity. This is the first step for Accelerated Success. 

Superior Capabilities. Installled. 

Overcoming limitations is just the beginning. Once you have "Personal Mastery", Antano & Harini Install Superior Capabilities that allow you to learn fast and learn well, make the right decisions at the right time, build powerful relationships and Create Abundance. 

These Adjustments & Installations multiply over time, producing significant and accelerated results in your life!  

Q4. And more about who Antano & Harini are! 

​Antano & Harini are the CO-Creators of "Excellence Installations Technology". 

They have created legacies in their own Industries and have now set to make "The Technology of Excellence Installations" available to more people around them! 

Antano Solar John

Harini Ramachandran

Q4. Am I eligible to apply for the Membership Program?  

Please answer these questions to yourself and decide if you are eligible:

What is the value of your life? Figuratively speaking will you Invest at least over a crore in yourself
Are you ready to fully commit yourself in changing the trajectory of your life? 
Do you want to have satisfying relationships, emotional mastery, financial abundance & holistic growth?
Do you want to overcome the limitations that you know of and the ones you haven't yet recognized? 
Do you want to Explore & Evolve your Personal Genius?
Are you "Thirsty of Excellence"? 
Do you want to "Launch your own legacy"?  
Do you really want to make a Difference in your own life and in the lives of others? 

At this Juncture we want you to know that the Membership with Antano & Harini is a commitment of significant amount of time and finances. We select only those who are really committed to evolve their personal genius and the create the best out of the life that is gifted to them. 

If the answer to the questions above is "YES" then you can consider yourself eligible to apply for the Membership. 

Q5. What will happen after I become an A&H Member? 

​Whatever has to happen for you to "Launch Your Own Legacy"

Antano & Harini design the next 3 years completely based on your Evolution.
At every juncture of your evolution you need different skills, targeted Installations of SuP!erior Capabilities and the right direction to accelerate your "Path to Success". 

"Evolve First, The rest Follows" - Antano Solar John

The Fast Track membership is designed to enable you to be in touch with Antano & Harini constantly to accelerate your journey of your Evolution. Also Antano & Harini design your road map for the next three years, equipping you with necessary capabilities at every juncture of your growth with appropriate programs & private consultations in this duration of 3 years to launch your legacy.

Q6. Which Programs can I apply for as an "A&H Member"?

The Duration of the Membership Program is 3 years. 

The Basic components of the membership program includes:

1) 6 timely One-on-one consultations with Antano & Harini
2) uP! with Antano & Harini (Unlimited Complimentary Revisits for 3 years)
-Intensive 6 days of Excellence Installations for holistic growth & Success on Auto Pilot 
3) Master of Conversational Programming & Excellence Coaching
4) suP!r Masters - Genius In action 
- Project of Your Heart
- Whole life Integration 
- Setting New Standards & Trajectory 
5) Charisma Intensification 
- Intensify the Power of Your Presence
-Design Your Life Story 
-Become a Powerful Presenter 

Please note that post the uP! Program the sequence of which Program you should be a part of, will be decided by Antano & Harini based on what capabilities  & skills you need at every juncture of your journey towards launching your legacy. 

Q7. What can I expect from the Membership Journey with A&H?


Before you expect anything we assure you that "your expectation from your own life will change" after your first interaction with Antano & Harini. And after the uP! Program (6days) you will redesign your life. Be ready to surprise yourself with life transforming experiences and decisions you will make consistently throughout these three years. 

You will Learn to "Learn Fast, Learn Powerfully & Evolve Elegantly" like a child.

No apprehensions, no comparisons, no complication and no judgements!!  

Before the end of these 3 years you would have "Launched your Legacy"