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This is how it works:

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2. Get targeted and personalised changes to your unconscious patterns.
3. Experience Magic in your Relationships

Why You Need Excellence Installation for
Happy and Rich ReLAtionships?

    1. The person you are determines the quality of your relationships. If you are super sensitive or if you swing between extreme emotion, it is not your fault simply because if you have a choice to behave differently you would have.

      This is why you need a technology that will help you identify the unique limitation in your specific case and fix them immediately. And that is why Excellence Installation. Because an A&H Consultant can help you make lasting changes in your conscious and unconscious behaviours within minutes including the habits, traits and character that you could have been struggling with for years together. .

    1. To relate better with others you need to start from a position of happiness. And this means letting go of the past, erasing traumatic memories and giving yourself and the other person a fresh start. Most people can forgive but they don't know how to forget. And with Excellence Installation, this can be achieved in minutes. 

    2. The overall personality you exhibit and the vibe you send out to people matters a lot. And with excellence installation, you can direct your personal excellence towards getting better in every sphere of life and allow that to radiate into the relationships that you build. 

    How it works?

    It is a 3-step process: 

Get a Consultation at Rs. 2000@ Rs. 1000/-

30 Minutes over skype/video call with an A&H Consultant to assess:

  1. A Report on 'What behaviour / emotion / response you need to change or develop immediately' using excellence installation.

  2. Decide the Venue and Date for the First Excellence Installation in person.


Re-program your

Existing Emotions with Unconscious Patterning

Generate a New Behaviour or Habit / Re-program your existing emotions to naturally behave differently during the Excellence Installation with an A&H Consultant.

The changes in the behaviours are immediate and progressive.


Experience the 


Experience the outcomes of the new behaviours over the next couple of months.

And come back again for finer adjustments or a new set of installations to take your relationship and life to the next level.


    1. With each Excellence Installation, you will develop new behaviour and experience conscious and unconscious personal transformation.

    1. We produced immediate results keeping in mind long term results. So, our package includes 4-6 Excellence Installations that you can use within 3 Month to 1 Year based on your needs and requirements as you agree with the A&H consultant during the initial consultation and after each session.

    2. There is a complimentary review after 1 month over skype for every excellence installation. This can be used to plan the future sessions as well as identify other installations necessary for your relationships to blossom.

    3. 6 Months to 1 Year Action plan on the Excellence Installation Outcomes

    4. Agreement File on the immediate measurable results and the expected long term outcomes.

Note: Excellence Installation can only be done in person. In India, we function in these 3 cities. Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Pricing Table
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What is Excellence Installation?

Excellence Installation
is unlike anything you have heard or seen or experienced before. It is not counselling, therapy, hypnosis or coaching. It is a combination of the insight and the tools to change the trajectory of an individual’s life. Antano & Harini mentor the specialists to enhance their insight and develop further precision in the art of discovering what is the unique change in a person’s nature, trait or habitual behaviours that will create a butterfly effect in their life. In addition A&H also empower the specialist with the tools, skills and capabilities required to create changes that are immediate, innate and sustained.

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A&H Relationship excellence

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Get started with a consultation immediately. The consultation fee can be adjusted with the package that you choose. Note that during the consultation you will get clarity and a plan of action. You need to come for excellence installation to get the actual changes and experience the difference in your relationship. If you have any query, call on our toll free number: 1800-3000-2909 or comment with your email id and contact number below.