John Grinder’s Endorsement of

Antano & Harini

In Dr. John Grinder’s Words:

John Grinder – Creator & Founder of NLP & New Code NLP​

Antano and Harini are afflicted with a demanding syndrome – they carry an insatiable thirst for Human Excellence. They insist on converting any piece of work they are involved in into demonstration of excellence. This affliction has serious consequences among them, leading them towards becoming world-class trainers; infusing artistry into their activities.

Harini and Antano use an integration of unconscious and conscious patterning in their work with individuals, groups and institutions as well as in their personal lives. They are committed to using NLP patterning (especially New Code NLP patterning) to train NLP patterning. They have a clear and deep command of the patterning and capture the full attention of their clients and students. No one apparently escapes the consequences of their affliction. Antano and Harini have made the decision to take responsibility for each and every person they accept as a client, either individually or as a group.

Harini and Antano also recognize Modeling as the wellspring of NLP patterning; they insist on integrating the modeling technology into every one of their NLP courses thereby bringing into their work precisely the spirit that created this field of the study of Human Excellence.

These two are distinct in many ways, they are unabashed to demonstrate their passion for excellence. Fortunately, this passion is founded on extensive field experience and a wide range of applications. They offer a special configuration as they work as a team with elegance and effectiveness, all this based on their personal mastery of the patterning. Antano and Harini are two of the finest trainers available in NLP at the present.

Since Bandler, Pucelik and myself started this adventure called NLP some 40+ years ago and especially in the last quarter of a century, in which Carmen Bostic St. Clair and I have been developing the patterning called New Code NLP, I have trolled for talent amongst the people who attend the seminars that I am involved in. One of the finer catches I have landed is Antano. I have coached him through very complex cases he has boldly taken and watched his progress as he blossomed over a short period of time. Through him, I noticed Harini bringing in her unique artistic qualities as a performer into this partnership that make their work together a fine blend of artistry with precision to create Excellence in their work.

It is not clear where their limitations are and they are pushing their boundaries hard. I anticipate contributions from these two that will push the patterning of NLP past its present boundary conditions and into new territory.

- Dr. John Grinder - Co-Creator of NLP and Co-Developer (New Code NLP)