Journey with Antano 

Antano Solar John is an Excellence Installation expert, World’s finest Neuro Linguistic Programming Expert as endorsed by Dr. John Grinder( the Co-founder of NLP), a Hacker and an I.T. Geek.

Antano is a naturally inquisitive man with extraordinary intelligence and an unyielding attitude of excellence.

 Superior Capabilities. Installed. Yes! That’s what he does. 

A musician knows exactly which notes to strike to orchestrate a symphony. Antano too knows which beliefs to strike and install within people to move them towards a more fulfilling life.      

He always says “When there are opportunities to evolve yourself grab it, Invest on yourself. Don’t do what you can do now after 10 years

It all started with a passion for coding when he was as young as eight and within a few year he began helping engineering students with their projects by coding and debugging computer programs. Soon after he became one of the youngest Hackers in the country and won awards from Yahoo. He also was a chess champion and won International tournaments as a middle school student. Though involved in various extracurricular activities he was very focused and successful with the academics. Publishing his first tech based book after being invited by Packt to publish it with them at the age of 21,becoming the Chief technology officer at the age of 23, winning multiple awards for building powerful teams in the organization he worked with and owning a gaming cafe with the highest end technology available in the world are few of his many accomplishments.

While still in high school  he always wondered why some of his friends could not learn and achieve like him. He began reading books on psychology to answers his questions on human behaviour. In this quest he stumbled upon this book “Frogs into Princes” written by Dr.Richard Bandler, a co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He set out to learn the tricks of the trade from the man himself and was thrilled to learn how elegantly and artfully one could overcome limiting factors in ones life without wasting years carrying the heavy baggage of those limiting beliefs, habits, behaviors and memories.

This experience reiterated to him that, who people are, is not written on stone and people need not live their lives accepting these limitations as a natural phenomenon.He returned and started helping people overcome issues like stress, depression, addictions etc. He experimented how the patterns of Neuro Linguistic Programming worked in a variety of situations whenever he had time outside his busy career as the chief technology officer(CTO) of Nuveda. And at work he created a great team and won awards for the same using this skill.  Slowly there came a time when people had to wait for over 6 months to meet him to get a change work done.

By then he had completed his Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dr.Richard Bandler. Having reached a new level of mastery and fully equipped to solve problems of a more complex nature, life soon presented him one serious challenge when a friend of his requested him to work with another friend who was paralyzed below the chest with a C5 condition.

Now, it was no longer just fun but also a responsibility. A big responsibility.

This is when he wrote to the founders and co creators of NLP.

Dr. John Grinder offered to coach him for this case. He took up the case and made great progress defying the claims of medical reports, stunning the doctors with the results.

To read more about this case follow this link and scroll down:

Today he Co-Owns School of Excellence with Harini Ramachandran with the vision of “Creating Generations and Generations of Excellence

Being an I.T. Geek Why did Antano choose to start School of Excellence and not an I.T. based startup?

This was his answer:

Whether I do technology or change work I would never be doing a conventional job. I would do something that disrupts the industry. Doing something disruptive according to me means, sometimes one may have to sacrifice certain conveniences, to do something that leaves an everlasting impact. I thought about a few I.T. ventures as well but this felt like the one that would make the biggest impact in our world today”

“A few years from now there is going to be a paradigm shift. People will no longer adapt their lives around their limitations. They will no longer say “This is who I am”

When people talk about change work they will talk about Excellence Installations”

“200 years ago, if you told people you can reach another state in 2 hours they would have laughed. It conventionally took weeks to go from one state to another. But now, because of the aircraft technology, engineering & design, this is taken for granted. I believe that in a couple of years when more and more people are going to overcome their limitations in less than an hour, Excellence Installations will be the new aircraft to provide change”

What’s Next? 

Currently in the pipeline are two upcoming books titled “The Parable Man” which talks about the real life journey of Antano and his innovative use of parables to heal people along with “The things we do we don’t know we do” which speaks of the hidden potential lying within people and mechanisms through which people learn to harness their own power to do things they din’t know they could do.

I will leave the rest for you to discover in your journey with Antano!

by Preethi Sankkari


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