Antano & Harini believe that Genius is accessible to everyone. And they are explorers of what makes a genius a genius. Antano & Harini have worked with Academy Award winner A.R Rahman to accelerate the performance of the Sunshine Orchestra, solved medically impossible challenges, helped million dollar businesses accelerate rate of growth,  and continues to work with the top musicians, performers and businessmen to bring about an innate shift in their unconscious patterns of thinking that produces extraordinary consequences over time.

What drives their work is the quest to discover the answer to the question – what makes someone unique? What makes an artist so extraordinary? And is genius accessible to everyone?

Antano & Harini developed the Excellence Installation Technology – to make impossible things happen for people in compressed time-

  • Be it a breakthrough with medically impossible cases
  • or helping a businessman grow several times faster
  • or generating family bonding & harmony in even the most severe situations
  • or supporting a national award winner at the absolute peak, enhance their performance further.

Excellence Installation is the art & technology of identifying what particular change will help each specific individual make a big leap intheir life based on where they are, what they do  and what they want. The framework of Excellence Installation empowers a specialist to make the quick shifts that create a butterfly effect in the person's life over time.

The Antano & Harini consulting team has over 40 senior specialists of Excellence Installation Technology and has worked with over 3000 people from 18+ sectors in 10 countries.

“Antano and Harini are afflicted with a demanding syndrome – they carry an insatiable thirst for Human Excellence. They insist on converting any piece of work they are involved in into demonstration of excellence … No one apparently escapes the consequences of their affliction. Antano and Harini have made the decision to take responsibility for each and every person they accept as a client, either individually or as a group.”  – John Grinder, Co-Creator of NLP

“Thanks, your work shows.”

– A R Rahman, Academy & Grammy Winning Composer

“Antano & Harini have always nailed the unexpected. I continue to benefit from the magic of their unexplainable work. They continue to fascinate me with their elegance & effectiveness.” – Sudha Raghunathan, Padma Bhushan Awardee, Carnatic Vocalist