A&H Legacy Accelerators

Get Results NOW, not 10 Years Later

Personal Genius in Time

You have a unique opportunity to exceed your current standards. You don’t know it. Antano & Harini will find it and help you get there fast.  For example: The children who were being trained to become the sunshine orchestra struggled with limitations that were very personal and unique for over 3 Years. A. R. Rahman asked A&H to design a solution to solve this challenge. And within 8 months they got launched as the Sunshine orchestra and today they perform all over the world, including the recent United Nations concert.

Overcome Crisis

Extreme situations require effective and instant solutions. We have helped several individuals including celebrities overcome the pain of a divorce, losing their loved ones and losing it all to restart their lives and getting personal mastery fast.

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Get to the Top

What are the capabilities that you need to develop for you to get to the top. What got you to where you are may not get you to where you want to go next. A&H will identify and accelerate the development of these capabilities with Excellence Installation Technology.

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Breakthru Limitations

How much freedom will you feel when you overcome your own personal limitations. A&H have helped several clients overcome  emotional vulnerability, stammering, fears of different kinds and you can get a breakthrough too.

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A&H Personal Genius

We have various solutions based on what you can invest.


The most popular way to gain access to Antano & Harini for developing your personal excellence and business is the A&H Membership. The membership gives access to priority consultations and a range of world class and top of the league exclusive mentoring programs that are worth over $200,000


If you are hard pressed for time, A&H can structure the excellence installations in short targeted sessions. This approach maybe suitable for you if you have continuous shoots, travel or commitments that doesn’t give you the flexibility to take off time for a week or more.

“The rules are different at the TOP. Antano & Harini get performers to reach there with ease.”

 – Sreejith Sivanandan, Angel Investor & Startup Accelerator