A&H Legacy Accelerators


Business. Health. Family. Legacy. - At Antano & Harini, we help you Evolve and Fast-Track Personal Evolution in ALL areas, together, simultaneously.  

Why work on ALL areas simultaneously?

Life is intricately, inter-connected. The changes you make in one aspect will always have an effect on the other aspects. And this means that we have to be both Strategic and Comprehensive. Strategic, to predict the long term consequences of rapid capability development and spontaneous mind-set shifts. And Comprehensive, to consider the effect and enhance the outcomes across all areas together.

You, Your Family, Your Business, Your Legacy

When you evolve in all aspects like this together, effectively, it is amazing how we can improve aspects of you, and impact members in your family, the culture in your organization and help you launch-your-legacy.

Most people believe that if you focus on one area of your lief at a time, you can get results faster, but it's like going on a journey with air-pressure on one wheel balanced. Contrary to popular belief, we have validated evidence that results are much faster when you work on every aspect of your integrated life with systemic-intelligence. 

Time Compression

Our Solutions help you Experience an accelerated development in your Capabilities, Thinking and Life Experiences in Compressed Time. And At A&H, we not only give you the Consultation, but also Implement the solution with EIT, the most advanced technology for Rapid Personal Evolution. And our clients say that what could have taken a Decades to accomplish in Conventional approaches and methods, have happened within 2-3 years.

Evolve. Launch Your Legacy. 

No matter where you are in your life, you can get to the next level. And everyone does. Some take 10-20 years in each cycle after they hit a ceiling but legends typically iterate much faster. And that is why EIT solutions are iterative, not only do we help you evolve and impact all areas of your life and then again to the next league with a newer set of capabilities and personal evolution needed for this phase of life. Every gets older older with time, but not everyone evolves with age! With continuous, iterative personal evolution in compressed time, you can launch your legacy no matter where you start. And maybe, even impact people around you, in your family and sphere of influence, to evolve blissfuly.

​How to get started?

We have a whole range of solutions from an hour commitment to two year commitment starting at $285 to $58000 for your personal evolution. We recommend iterative solutions, because the end goal here is not ‘transformation’. Infact, with EIT, Transformation is immediate, even those transformations that otherwise take months or years in conventional methods. The difference with EIT is that transformation literally happens in minutes, and it sustains and grows. With measurements, diagnostics and installations performed iteratively, not one but a series of strategically designed Capability Development takes place leading you to Personal Evolution... making you Capable, as the next league of Life Experiences welcome you.

The whole range of solutions is detailed here in this dedicated website. You can additionally secure a call with a Consultant post your research (Toll free - 1800 3000 2909). Happy Evolving!