“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” ~Plato 

Solving Impossible Situations
We make structured adjustments in the unconscious thinking patterns that has produced a breakthrough in many challenging health situations*. When you have tried everything and nothing else has worked for you, it could that small shift in the mind that makes that big difference.


When your Return on Investment from compressing time is more than 30 Million USD, Antano & Harini can design a unique and dedicated solution for you that just works. Even if you have tried everything and until now nothing has given you results you expect, A&H may just solve it for you.

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Physical Recovery

If you are a startup, SME, an individual wanting to accelerate success or requiring a break-thru in any area of your life, then you can request for the uP! membership that gives you exclusive access to brief consultations with Antano & Harini and the open programs that are available through out the year.

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Antano & Harini are developers of the Excellence Installation Technology (EIT). To access the latest videos, magazines, case studies, documentaries and other publications on the research and development of EIT you can subscribe to updates from School of Excellence.

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“These guys know how to work on the mind and impact the body.”
– Dr. Anil


* We are not doctors. The work we do is not a substitute for proper medical attention. We only work with clients who have taken all necessary medical attention under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. We encourage clients to consider our support only as a complimentary mental support (conscious and unconscious).