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Solving Impossible Situations

Mental Health, Physical Wellness and Psychosomatic Response. We make structured adjustments in the unconscious patterns that have produced breakthroughs in  challenging health situations* 

Unconscious Patterns and Health

Around the world, some people have spontaneous remission of cancer and live free of it for the rest of their lives, and it happens often as a surprise. Some people develop plasticity to recover from improbable physical conditions. Could there be a connection between what happens unconsciously in the thinking, in the mind and health?

We are not medical doctors, yet in the past we have helped people across a broad range of conditions – from accelerated physical recovery from accidents to improving eyesight all the way to overcoming mental health challenges such as loneliness and depression. While thousands of others have been able to overcome allergies, correct menstrual irregularities, skin conditions, pain and conceive even when several other methods have failed for them.**

And from this experience we believe that there is a strong connection between the unconscious patterns and wellness. This video demonstrates how life-long health challenges have been solved within minutes by taking a Systemic Personal Evolution approach

Integrated Results

While Individuals and Organisations come to us for Systemic Personal Evolution that leads to Superior results in Business, Relationships and Legacy, all in compressed time together, simultaneously, there is also an undeniably special and welcomingly surprising impact on their Physical and Mental health that wasn't 'expected'! People with life-long health challenges that some of them had even written off as not-solvable, have been also resolved during our interventions when we worked on their Systemic Personal Evolution, iteratively.

Some of the most notable breakthroughs in health our clients have achieved in their Physical health are: accelerated rehabilitation and recovery after paralysis, improved eyesight (reduction in eye power), hair growth etc. 

In Psychosomatic conditions, our clients have achieved breakthroughs in Conceiving naturally, overcoming PCOD, Menstrual health challenges, pain relief, relief from migraine, arthritis, wheezing, thyroid, allergies etc. And in Mental health - overcoming depressive thoughts and feelings, changing life situations of loneliness, dealing with social anxieties of children with autism, significant improvement in the degree of challenges in learning for children with certain difficulties, etc.

Disclaimer: We are NOT medical doctors. In the rare case we accept a client for health related outcome, it has always been under medical supervision by qualified medical doctors of the individual's choice. And most of the other results presented here are unpromised outcomes, that have come complimenting our larger work with the individual for achieving holistic growth and systemic personal evolution with Excellence Installation Technology,

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well” ~PLATO

EIT for Early Start

What people call depression starts with sustained unhealthy mental habits like sadness, anxiety, jealousy and hate. And often, loneliness is a well-formed habit. While we have helped people overcome stress induced physical conditions, what we delight in doing is addressing issues such as stress right at the beginning and help people have superior involuntary responses even in situations which could create deep stress.***

Even when we have helped parents handle children who have social difficulties, often changing the parenting by equipping the parents with choices that they personally lack, has helped in immediately getting results from the child. So, why not be prepared much ahead?

But not everyone has the choice, to feel the way they want to feel in every situation or even to sleep on time! Or To be in stress-free and in high performance even in challenging situations or to avoid emotions such as uncontrollable anger, nervousness, fear etc. 

We make structured adjustments in the unconscious thinking patterns that has produced a breakthrough in many challenging health situations*. When you have tried everything and nothing else has worked for you, it could be that small shift in the mind and a Capability Installation that makes that big difference.

Social Cause

We do not actively take clients for improving mental wellness, or physical health conditions anymore. However, we still get countless reports about conceiving, overcoming pain and allergic responses from participants who have come to A&H events like Launching Your Legacy and Family Evolution.**

However, as a social obligation, and out of goodwill we can connect you directly with Specialists who are pursuing their EIT Education. And help you get the unconscious shifts that you desire, if you only want Health challenges addressed. If you are exploring a complete and systemic upgrade across all aspects of your life in compressed time frame, you can explore more on how to design and fast-tracking personal evolution here.


* We are not doctors. The work we do is not a substitute for proper medical attention. We only work with clients who have taken all necessary medical attention under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. We encourage clients to consider our support only as a complimentary mental support (conscious and unconscious)

** We are not claiming that any of these results will become possible to all our clients. We are just stating that this has happened in the past and in the recipients opinion, is a direct outcome of working with A&H

*** None of this is medical advice of any sort whatsoever