A&H Consulting

Personal Re-Engineering
for Business Excellence

Business Results

Business results like scaling operations, creative solutions and revenue growth are directly linked to the performance, directives and leadership of the people at the top. A&H have helped individuals develop personal excellence in those specific areas that accelerates business results.

Inspirational Leadership

What are the capabilities that you need to develop for you to get to the top. What got you to where you are may not get you to where you want to go next. A&H will identify and accelerate the development of these capabilities with Excellence Installation Technology.

High Productivity

What new freedom will you experience when you overcome your own personal limitations. A&H have helped several clients overcome, emotional vulnerability, stammering, fears of different kinds and you can get a breakthrough too.


1. Precision


We make micro shifts in the unconscious thinking patterns of a person that big results. This allows us to retain the individuality of the individual and at the same time make the shifts that enhances his or her personal excellence.



2. Real Change


We do not do motivational training and awareness coaching. All our work is targeted towards actual development of an individual by looking for opportunities to develop or strengthen some fundamental but vital capabilities for personal excellence in their roles.


3. Personal


Profiling and Broad level analysis can only be accurate to a certain extend within a limited scope. Attempting to drive change using such tools is like spraying in the open air and hoping something will hit the target. We do the exact opposite. We work at a very personal level and that is how our work is different.


4. Real Time


Knowing exactly what to tap and how to make that shift fast allows us to enable attitude and behavioral development in almost real time. The changes are immediate and long term, compounded.