“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” ~Plato 

Solving Impossible Situations
We make structured adjustments in the unconscious thinking patterns that has produced a breakthrough in many challenging health situations*. When you have tried everything and nothing else has worked for you, it could that small shift in the mind that makes that big difference.


There are several couples who are medically ‘fit’, yet unable to conceive. They may even have had failed IVFs, miscarriages etc. A&H have had a very high rate of success in helping medically fit women conceive by sorting out unconscious priorities, conflicts and encouraging the involuntary system to create an ecosystem that allows for healthy conception and delivery.

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Physical Recovery

Sometimes people lose physical movements and sensations as in cases of Paralysis. It is possible in some cases to bring back movements in the person and helping the brain create new connections and pathways by educating the unconscious, exploring ways and means to regain movements and reverse the underlying condition. All of these cases taken up by A&H are experimental and so far have produced fantastic results.

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Most Auto-immune diseases do not yet have a medical cure. However, spontaneous remissions and reversal of underlying conditions are not uncommon. A&H explore the possibilities of encouraging the body to create the ecosystem necessary for unexplainable positive consequences.

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“These guys know how to work on the mind and impact the body.”
– Dr. Anil


* We are not doctors. The work we do is not a substitute for proper medical attention. We only work with clients who have taken all necessary medical attention under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. We encourage clients to consider our support only as a complimentary mental support (conscious and unconscious).