Installation Business

There was a time not far away in history when we didn’t have electricity. And when it was discovered we had to dig up every road to lay the foundation for electricity to reach every house.

Can ‘installations’ become electricity? Like the IT revolution, when everything has become IT-Enabled…

Can installations not be made available in each home for every person and every child?

We predict that ‘installations’ is a trillion dollar industry.

If you have made a mark in your own industry, have reasonable business acumen and installation skills, we can partner with you, to impact your industry with installations, to explore an untapped space where a disruption has been long overdue! 

Imagine a world where every industry is EIT enabled and people from all walks of life have the choice at any age and any stage to develop any new capability in any area at jet-speed. A world, where innovations, contributions and progress is integrated with wellness, family togetherness and happiness.

We have a dream. And together, we can open the doors for a new revolution. If a steam engine can do it. Why not you and me?

Reach out to Antano & Harini with your pitch! And let's get started...