A&H Fast Track MemBership

Billionaires are searching for a way to expand lifetime.

They are investing billions into Technology that can help a person live upto 130 years because they believe that the contribution by certain personalities who have been revolutionary in their lifetime, will have a new quantum level of impact to the society, if they could live longer. Maybe that will happen in the near future.

But our question is simple. What if we do it the other way and compress time?

What if we Compress Time so that within the Lifetime you already have, You can achieve and contribute naturally, easily and peacefully what you would have if you could live for 200 years?

What if we strategically Evolve the Personal Excellence of an individual to such an extent so that you can contribute personally in your life time what you would have even if you lived 200 years?

One Life. Many Legacies. 

Legendary figures be it Michael Angelo or Steve Jobs didn't stop with ONE marvelous thing they did for the world. Circumstances change, situations change, you can lose everything you build (like Steve did) but if you are ready for anything you will create something better than what you did before. 

For an individual to Launch a Legacy, there are several things that have to come together. Several capabilities and life experiences. One in a Million gets lucky and encounters the right mentors, the right opportunities, the right attitude to make the most of those experiences at a very young age. Most geniuses start their unparalleled contribution much in their early twenties or even earlier. And then they are flooded with abundance of time, money and most importantly people from various leagues in their life. And over a period, they complete their rarity. They find the areas they need to get better at, they also find the people they need in their business and life, develop critical capabilities they don't have yet and such a person in a decade would have evolved much more than what most people do in their life time in several aspects. 

Compressed Time

If you haven't launched your legacy yet. If you haven't claimed your space where you are irreplaceable. Then you may have a missing capability, or you haven't yet built the right relationships with the right people, or you may have an emotional challenge, or invisible speed-breakers in your mindset. You don't know what they are. We don't what they are. But when you meet Antano & Harini, they will find that for you. 

A Time to Prepare. A Time to Perform.

You don't take a new car to the garage every day. Nor do you need to meet a surgeon for 10 minutes every morning. Then why do people in the personal excellence space obsess with a ritual that has to be performed every day?

Instead, what if you can prepare once and then impact for a life time? What if you set your learning in a way that every time, you perform in life, you naturally continue to evolve at an accelerated speed?

This is why we don't recommend doing any technique, ritual or meditation besides a deep sleep everyday. (deep sleep is one of the outcomes a lot of our customers celebrate)

You may ask, then when does the personal transformation happen? It happens within the events, be it the 2 day, 6 day or 8 day events. The transformations become innate within that time-frame. 

If you have to consciously try to commit or change or do something using will power after the event, then a transformation hasn't happened and only awareness has happened. The purpose of the private consultations is awareness. The purpose of the events is innate core transformations. The purpose of the days where we are not meeting or engaging is to perform and live in abundance. 

Avoid Pitfalls

We didn't do long term commitments from the beginning. However, we noticed that some of our customers when they suddenly had abundance of time and money, didn't know what to do with it. Some made wrong investments, some just chilled (which is better than the former), and some came and discussed with us. And we were able to help the ones who came to invest their time in a direction that helps them complete their rarity towards a legacy.

When people grow really fast, it is easy to make mistakes. No wonder, you see celebrities go broke, billionaires go bankrupt. A fool never learns, the simple learn from their own mistakes, and the wise learns from other people's mistakes and success. 

With every growth, we try and make sure that you don't make a mistake that was already made before by someone else in the world.

Why Long Term?

If I were you, I would wonder, if the missing capabilities that are critical to me have been identified and developed during one of the events, they why would I need to meet Antano & Harini again or come for another event again?

Because when you come back for the next consultation and the next event, you are not coming as the same individual. Your version 1 of yourself, created certain outcomes in life and you lived Life 1. After the event, Your version 2 will create different outcomes and your life will change dramatically in a good way, which if Life 2. When you grow, life makes it visible to you as to where you need to evolve next. The set of capabilities you need to accelerate to go from Life 1 to Life 2 is different from the capabilities you need to evolve to accelerate from Life 2 to Life 3.

Everyone changes once in 10 Years (we said this on video much before the 10 year challenge).  Our members look at their pre-video and post-video of themselves, they look at their life every 6 months and claim they are changing every 6 months.

If you haven't launched your legacies in your early twenties, you are already late. And you cannot afford to not have a total transformation every 6 months. And a lot of you actually only gets uncovered when you reach the next level. We are not magicians, we can only notice things based on who you are at this point in time and the kind of life you have created for yourself. And when you change and your life changes, the critical capabilities that you need to develop then would be a different league altogether. 

Evolve First. Results Follow.

We work only with driven (super motivated individuals). You need to have an insatiable thirst to become a better version of you, not in a random direction but strategically in ways that will complete your rarity and help you launch the next legacy. We have produced unparalleled results but we can't work with you if you are desperate for results. 

The work we do is measurable. After the event, when you go back to your area of performance, you can feel the difference in your emotional power, communication, intuition, the decisions you take and the impact you are having. And all of this will compound with time to give you better opportunities and abundance. There is a thin line between driven and desperate. 

Remember the Pursuit to Happiness movie? The guy managed to crack the most competitive exam when his situation remained the same. That is what we will transform you to do, we will get you to upgrade, develop superior capabilities when your situation remains the same. And then your situation will change as a natural consequence of your evolved self. 

The Past, Present and The Future

Until 2018, Antano & Harini have personally met and helped in the transformation of each participant in their journey to launch their legacy in compressed time. And from this we have optimized, tweaked and have built a fail-proof system to help every individual evolve towards their legacy. 

Installations is like electricity. Someone has to dig up all the roads and lay the cable. The world has plenty of access to training, coaching, healing but at this moment the access to installations is rare. And we want to change it. Bill gates wanted a PC in every home and we had the IT revolution. We want installations for every child. And we are making this happen by investing in Disruptive Entrepreneurs in the installations industry. 

The steam engine created the industrial revolution and it has been so impactful that I believe one of the reasons we were able to get rid of the type of slavery that existed was because of industrial revolution. But steam engine was discovered 2000 years ago by a Greek Inventor called Hero in the Roman Empire. Isn’t it a pity that it took more than a 1000 years, before the Industrial revolution actually happened and it created the impact that it did?! We don't want installations to have the same fate.  

The World's Largest Eco-System

While Antano & Harini have committed to focus their efforts on developing EIT entrepreneurs to impact a million people, each, A&H will continue to help you launch your legacy through the Excellence Installation Specialists (EIS), who do the complete ATC diagnostics for each participant one-on-one.  Antano & Harini personally deliver installations at the LIVE EVENTS. And a personal validation of the diagnostics, iterative diagnostics and change work will happen with the EIS every 3-4 months. 

After your one-on-one review, diagnostics and each uP! event, you will find yourself instantly transformed across several aspects of your life, in a way that allows you to continuously evolve and impact ever increasingly. You will also witness the parallel growth of so many EIS and driven individuals who also launch their legacy in compressed time. And you will find that along with your own personal evolution and fast-track legacy journey, you are also inspired in a variety of different ways by the extraordinary eco-system.

Starting 2022, Antano & Harini will be exclusively working with the EIS who demonstrate disruptive entrepreneurship. And until that time, A&H will be available for family and business consultation after the initial breakthrough and acceleration in your life brought together by the EIS, the EIT eco-system and the A&H installation during the live events.

Time Compression in Action

We have compiled some short videos and long documentaries. Don't look at what the people in the video have achieved, it won't give you a realistic map of what you can achieve. Instead, look at how they have compressed time and evolved. This will give you a map of what your life will be when you compress time. Maybe you are the owner of a 100 Million$ business, these videos won't represent what can happen to your life. But it will represent how you can evolve in the areas you are currently not evolving and how it can compress time for you. Watch and be inspired.

Time compression stories on youtube

The Fast Track Membership is by application only. However, uP! is available for everyone. To apply for Membership or Join the uP! program, you can visit their respective product pages.