uP! Promise

A 2 Year Journey with Antano & Harini to Accelerate Your Success.

What uP! includes:

Strategy Events [1 Diagnostic + 1 Review]
- Access to ATC Diagnostics and review with A&H team of Excellence Installation Specialists (EIS)

- Personalized Adjustment and Transformation list

- Instant Transformation to overcome Critical Challenges with one-one-one change work

uP! Events [Every 6 Months]

- Identifying & Solving Invisible Speed-Breakers
- Developing Superior CAPABILITIES
- Accelerate Success


Most people after uP! experience a positive trajectory change every 3 Months in their life, relationship, growth and happiness. So, they repeat the consultation and the event for new set of strategic development after every leap:

- The consultations outline the strategic additions that are required for you to evolve fast and accelerate success in every aspect of your life.

- ALL the implementation is done within the event. There is no need for you to implement any personal change or try to develop a new behavior after the event, because installations happen during the 6 Days. This means, you will find yourself naturally from within feeling different, thinking different and getting better results at what you already do. 

uP! gets better with Family and Friends!


Accelerate Your Success in Compressed Timeframe



  • ATC Diagnostic with EIS 
  • ATC Review with EIS
  • Access to uP! Event. unlimited times.
  • Ideal for Accelerating Your Success in Compressed Timeframe
CTD + uP! + CPM

Accelerate Your Success and Enhance the People around you with Conversational Programming



  • Everything in uP! + CTD 
  • Access to Conversational Programming Mastery Event to build layered relationships
  • Access to Excellence Installation Videos 
  • Impact the People in your Eco-System  as you Accelerate Your Success in Compressed Time


* All registrations are valid till December 2022 irrespective of the date of registration.

* Venue Fee will be charged in addition to the course fee for attending uP! events, you will need to pay the exact venue charges that is levied by the Auditorium/Stadium. Since we use the premise from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM on all the 6 Days, the venue fee will be between 200$ and 300$ depending on the city and the venue.

“Antano and Harini are afflicted with a demanding syndrome – they carry an insatiable thirst for Human Excellence. They insist on converting any piece of work they are involved in into demonstration of excellence. "
– Dr. John Grinder



Why Accelerate Your Success and how?

Accelerating your success is a pre-cursor to launching your legacy and impacting the world. It free's you from the vicious cycle of time and money and enables you with the resources you require to evolve various ways that you simply can't when you always falling short of either time or money. 

You can EVOLVE yourself at a rate and speed that was just unthinkable 50 years ago and there is no reason why you cannot impact the world in ways only you can.

Antano & Harini have discussed this in detail:
1. You can read here about Accelerating Your Success

2. Watch this video of Antano & Harini sharing why you also need to Launch Your Legacy


What is Time Compression?

What is the difference between you today and you 10 years ago? No, matter how old you are (unless you are younger than 10), you can certainly relate to the fact that in EVERY way you have evolved as a person. You are more mature, you can do things you couldn't do before, your social and emotional maturity would have taken a leap and you can maintain relationships that you just couldn't have done 10 years ago. And this is true for every successful person. And successful is the new average. And the people who were successful don't suddenly feel stuck, stagnant or out of place are typically people who didn't continue to evolve across all aspects as they got older.

Time Compression is the process of evolving in 2 - 3 years, across several aspects of your life that would have otherwise taken you 10 - 20 years. Like Food, Sleep, Love, Evolving as a person is a raw and primal need for humans. And time compression makes it very very exciting and satisfying.


What is Installation? Is it the same as Insight, Awareness or Motivation?

For things in your life where you have you have mastery and artistry, you find that your thought processes – both unconscious as well as in emotional responses of how you envision, lead and handle things is very different from when you have just begun. 

What if, in an area that you are totally new, an expert can help your unconscious and innate emotional circuitry to develop in a short time what would otherwise only happen with years of exposure, that process of change is referred to as Installation.

The other functions of installation is to develop new capabilities, emotional mastery and shift in mindset and addition of several choices in approach to solving problems and can extend to character enhancement. 

Read this article by Antano on the difference between information, insight and installation.


What is the difference between Personal Transformation and Personal Evolution?

Transformation is when you emotionally, mentally and physically respond to a situation naturally differently from within. The situation is the same but your response is naturally different.

A series of personal transformation (dozens or even hundreds) that happens iteratively over 10+ years leads to Personal Evolution. 

When you stack up a set of carefully chosen transformation you can design how you want to evolve because it can help you create significant life experiences that you would have otherwise missed. Such stacked transformations across all aspects of your life (love, career, mastery) create a different quality of life. Because you will find yourself making new opportunities, connections and getting even better at the things you do. The combination of all of this leads to personal evolution. For a successful person a leap in personal evolution happens every 10 - 20 years.  

Excellence Installation Technology (EIT) helps you to design how you want to evolve and compress that timeframe to 2-3 years, instead.


I want to know more about Antano & Harini. What inspired A&H to develop Excellence Installation Technology?

Antano & Harini after creating impossible outcomes across several areas, started out School of Excellence, to create gadgets, games and wearable devices that use Neuro Linguistic Programming to help people transform and develop capabilities of geniuses really fast. The question - "If transformation can be made instantly in minutes, then what can we achieve in 2 years, if we create a series of strategic transformations, iteratively?" led to discovery of how people Evolve and making it happen in Compressed Time.

You watch this video where A&H talk about their early days of EIT