A&H Legacy Accelerators

"You REALLY don't have to wait another 10 or 20 years to Launch Your Legacy.” ~A&H

A&H Membership

A 3 Year Relationship with Antano & Harini to Launch Your Legacy within 3 instead of 20 Years.

What A&H Membership includes:

- Access to Consultations with Antano & Harini


- Identifying & Solving Invisible Speed-Breakers
- Developing Superior CAPABILITIES
- Accelerate Success


- Conversational Programming Mastery for developing LAYERED Relationships and shifting mindsets with ease

- Close the Deal like a Pro! Claim your intrinsic NATURE to unlimited Connections, Opportunities and People


- Re-design your Life Directives, discover your legacy that is aligned your values, passion, opportunities, the people in your eco-system and make a REAL launch


- Charisma Intensification for you to reach the next league of people. Evolve your PRESENCE to let your reputation precede you and your stories reach where you haven’t reached yet.


The Legacy Journey NOW in your life. From making the time and money to focus on your passion to Living Happily to Evolving people around you and have the best family life ever, you will find yourself make all of this coming together with ease, happiness and satisfaction.

There is no need to invest 40 Lakhs to 2 Crores in an executive MBA from a prestigious university because your career and business growth can happen along with transformation in your your marriage, your love intensity, your wellness, relationships much faster without wasting the 2 Years.

Most people after uP! experience a positive trajectory change every 3 Months in their life, relationship, growth and happiness. So, they repeat the consultation and the event for new set of strategic development after every leap:

- The consultations outline the strategic additions that are required for you to evolve fast and accelerate success in every aspect of your life.

- ALL the implementation is done within the event. There is no need for you to implement any personal change or try to develop a new behavior after the event, because installations happen during the 6 Days. This means, you will find yourself naturally from within feeling different, thinking different and getting better results at what you already do. 

- The 8 + 4  DAY Residential program in Thailand happens after you have accelerated success, developed layered relationships and when you are ready to Create a Compelling Launch that is the direction of your legacy. During these days not only will you discover your legacy, immediate purpose in Life but also complete a significant work in that direction. ​

Choose Your A&H Membership

Fast Track

  • 6 Consultations
  • Unlimited Access to uP!
  • Access for 3 Years
  •  Re-visits at 50% Fee
  • 4 additional Paid Consultations
  • Investment: 6.25 Lakhs plus tax
  • Registration Advance: Rs. 50,000/-
  • Pay balance within 3 Months

Platinum Membership

  • 8 Consultations
  • Unlimited Access to uP!
  • Access for 3 Years 
  • Re-visits at 25% Fee 
  • 8 additional Paid Consultations

Diamond Membership

  • 8 Consultations
  • Unlimited Access to uP!
  • Access for 5 Years 
  • Unlimited FREE Revisits 
  • 8 additional Paid Consultations
  • Installation Specialization

“Antano and Harini are afflicted with a demanding syndrome – they carry an insatiable thirst for Human Excellence. They insist on converting any piece of work they are involved in into demonstration of excellence. "
– Dr. John Grinder


* All registrations done for future attendance is valid for 3 Years from the date of FIRST consultation as long as the first consultation is before Dec 2020. As in, if you register today, but will start your first consultation by December 2019, then your access is valid till December 2022. If you start in Nov 2020, then your access is valid till November 2023. You will not be required to pay the increased fee for that year. However, people who register now and then come for your FIRST consultation in or after December 2020, then your price block is not valid and you will have to pay the fee difference at that point in time, if there is availability.

* There is no re-visit fee for uP! through the length of your Active Membership

* All the events will have a venue fee. The fee as charged by the hotel will be informed to you and you will have to pay that expense at the time of coming to the event. For residential you will have to take care of your travel. Stay will be arranged in the same hotel where the event is conducted and you will have to pay for your stay. The membership fee is not inclusive of the venue expense, travel or stay.

* The venue fee is waived off for the first uP! event. For attending every other event, you will need to pay the exact venue charges that is levied by the hotel. Since we use the premise from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM on all the 6 Days, the venue and food fee will be between 12k and 18k depending on the city and the hotel.